Plainedge High School Auditorium

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Adwar designed and integrated new technology in the Plainedge HS Auditorium. The new system
consisted of:

Two new 8500 Lumen HD projectors, two new HD electric screens. Installed on the front left and right
angled walls with control from the Crestron system. A 32in display in the booth for previewing sources
or watching record/stream feed.

New recording/streaming system. Including five HD cameras and control with a touch screen. Providing
the control and video mixing of the five cameras and content for recording or streaming. Character
Generator has been added to extend functions of video mixing system. A recording and streaming
devices that can record, stream or do both. Recordings can be saved to a USB storage device or defined
network storage. The streaming format is H.264 and adjustable resolutions and bit rates.

New Crestron DM system. Including a 16×16 video matrix with three inputs on the stage, one input on
the stage front and 11 inputs in the booth for the cable box, Blu-ray, PC’s, AirMedia. Two outputs for the
left and right projectors and four outputs in the booth for a preview monitor and recording devices.

New Crestron control system. Including a 15in touch panel in the booth and a 9in wireless touch panel
mounted on the stage. The panels allows basic, and advanced user controls for the auditorium. It
controls the DM system for video and audio routing, the projectors and screens, the
recording/streaming device and basic audio controls. Crestron Ipad app and PC Xpanel control also
included. Lighting control interface to work with the existing lighting board.

Audio upgrades, adding stage inputs and utility mic inputs. Added eight microphone inputs onstage and
four microphone inputs on the stage front. Three stage monitor outputs, two onstage and one on the
stage front. Three utility microphones, two onstage and one on the stage front. Three stage monitors,
three utility microphones, and one lectern microphone included. Upgraded the existing mic system to
include antenna distribution system.

USB run for the owner furnished P25 in the projection booth to down on stage for the wireless
keyboard. Additional USB ran from the P25 behind the stage up to the Projection booth.
A new floor standing equipment rack houses all new and existing equipment. With internal power
distribution and temperature controlled cooling fans.

Two floor boxes were installed in the stage for housing the video and audio inputs onstage.
Also included is three 48″ wide technical workstation with rack storage.

Audio Console – Included a new 32 channel digital console that supports Ipad app control. A remote
stage box that allows up to 24 channels to be connected onstage. With a connection plate located on
stage and a rolling rack for the stage box.

Center Projector – Includes a 12,000 Lumen HD projector and a projector lift with 17’8″ of drop for
servicing. New HD electric screen installed above the stage.

New sound system consisting of (2) 18in subwoofers with (10) line array cabinets to provide even sound
throughout the auditorium. New amplifier’s and loud speaker processor are also included.

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